Staying Late – A Necessary Evil?

Staying Late-Action Wanted

In our race to outpace our competitors, be in the good books of our manager, or to display one’s extraordinary abilities and one’s commitment towards work, we often agree to stretch late hours in our offices and go that extra mile. The other side of this corporate life coin is when staying is not given to us as an option but as a necessity to meet project deadlines. Let’s evaluate whether it is a bitter pill or a sweet potato?

Extra Stay-Action WantedIndia is preferred as a low-cost, quality destination for almost all types of work outsourced by foreign companies to their partners in India. And, there are several companies that vie to get their name in the TOP 10 list of “Best Places to Work” survey. They really work hard to continuously improve their corporate culture and give more development opportunities to their employees. To remain in the competition is thus to maintain this delicate balance – that of a low-cost, high quality source and at the same time be an employee-friendly company.

Targets are assigned and are made in such a manner that provides incentive to work hard. This is usually achieved either by staying late in the office or taking office work back home and home tensions to the office. Some people are really good in multi-tasking and handling that extra pressure but the rest continues to sulk. Their day starts with cursing the manager, the work, and finally the company. These ‘born good’ employees then develops a negative attitude (remember that your Attitude determines your Altitude), and gets caught up in the web of STRESS. This leads to their frequent illness and absence from work, and finally job quit.

Now, my question to all the readers of this blog is:

  • Do you think a company should spend more in grooming and training its managers on how to deal with their teams, how to set targets, how to ensure work-life balance, and how to motivate employees and develop them?

Pour all your thoughts on this platform because as I always say:-

“ Its Your Life, Its Only ONE Life,

Its TIME to ACT, Its TIME to take ACTION,

Because it is WANTED!!”

The surprising truth about what motivates us…

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Manu Stanley
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 03:51:53

    Good one, Malik. Of late companies have started realizing it, and some are changing. The new mantra is to become a multi-tasker, and hence improve your efficiency and keep your timings.


  2. Neha Arora
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 10:15:35

    I don’t think that stretches should be the criteria to determine the growth of an employee in a company. It destroys company’s work culture and employee’s determination to work. This article should provoke thoughts in all those managers who force their employees to stay late in the office.


  3. Abhishek
    Sep 29, 2010 @ 04:06:26

    Materialism has completely brain washed work ethics of today’s society. Bonuses, salary hike, incentives are the entities that carry most employees forward to a pseudo success of life.

    I don’t think that day is far when there will be a “recession” or a crash in society in itself when it will not be able to cope up with the ramp surge in materialistic demand, the poor will get poorer and corruption will prevail.


  4. Pavan K. Yadav
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 10:20:17

    Very well said buddy… Those who cannot handle the pressure… quit.


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