Why India needs a strong Prime Minister?

We are proud of our Motherland

Upon knowing India’s rank as the second-most populous country in the world, a boy asked his mother on why we are still not a developed or a strong nation. Below is the scenario explained in the form of a poem:

You told maa that there is STRENGTH in numbers,

But why then our country India is still in slumbers?

The boy continued…


Why ‘environment conservation’ is not in the election manifesto of political parties?

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“Something given FREE is not valued.”

I think that could be the reason why we do not care that much for the free oxygen that we are getting from Mother Nature every day. Going by this attitude, the day is not far when More

Are we using our Right to Vote?

Amitabh Bachchan - Action Wanted

We often curse or blame the government for the mismanagement, unhygienic surroundings, price rise, poor infrastructure and water quality, increase in unemployment and poverty, and prevalence of More

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