How long our body can withstand this multi-pronged attack?

Attack on Our Body-Action Wanted

We all have to accept this harsh reality that our body cannot withstand this multi-pronged attack. Read this article to know more about this deadly attack that is fast eating away humans. Also get to know the real culprits behind this attack, their intentions, and how to save ourselves from this attack.

The symptoms of this attack can be seen in the form of increased incidence of:Avoid stress and diseases-Action Wanted

  • Heart attacks (and that too at a younger age)
  • Cancers of various organs (previously unheard of)
  • Paralysis, hypertension, and stress

Who are the creators of this attack?

This attack is created by cash-hungry businessmen who want to earn more profits irrespective of their harmful impact on the health of humans. And, we all are getting trapped in their philosophy, knowingly or unknowingly. We are hence, giving those businessmen a chance to further earn more profits at the expense of our own health. These businessmen know no nationality. All they know is the way to fill their pockets.

The philosophy they follow

“Create a demand for your product and ensure exclusive supply.” This exclusivity is ensured in the form of patents further guarantees long-term profit.

And how cleverly they created the demand?

They have injected habit-forming chemicals in our body. They are using all possible means to make their chemicals reach every single being living on this planet. They have managed to change our thought process…

It is a result of Demand Creation that:-

1)      Organic farming was replaced by chemical farmingChemical Farming-Action Wanted

Benefit to manufacturers: They can manufacture and sell chemical fertilizers and pesticides. All these chemicals not only enter into the human food chain but also deplete the fertility of soil in the long run, leading to soil erosion, low ground water table, the need for the construction of dams to ensure sufficient water for the crops, diversion of river path or river water, and loss of plant and animal life.

2)      Home remedies were replaced by pills available at chemist shops

Benefit to manufacturers: These pills only cure the symptoms and not the cause and thus provide a temporary relief. Their regular consumption fetches profit not only to prescribing doctors but also to chemist shop owners and drug companies. The side effects of such medicines give rise to few more silent diseases while curing one (apparently). Such silent diseases erupt in the form of cancer, heart diseases, etc.

Proof: Pharmaceutical companies are no longer interested in putting their money into the research of antibiotics. They see it as a business of loss. What we are consuming is being developed several years back. The result: micro organisms in our body are adapting themselves and becoming resilient to such antibiotics.

3)      Fresh fruit juices and other herbal drinks were replaced with sweetened cola drinks and alcoholSweetened Beverages-Action Wanted

Benefit to manufacturers: Clever marketing strategy enables them to make their product look irresistible. They use huge marketing budget to promote their products which are not worth the value. They study heat maps to track our eye balls movement, trap our keyboard/mouse/screen clicks to know what we are searching for, and track our movement with GPS, and what not.

India boasts of her younger generation as one of the competing USPs. They fed this generation with smokes of cigarettes, heart-arresting liquor and alcohol, and bone-degenerating cola beverages. All they claim is – use our product to ‘open happiness’?

4)      Our ancient and scientific knowledge was replaced by rotten, rote-learning based education

The land of India has been the origin of various sciences be it surgery, physics, mathematics, astrology, or knowing human behavior. Instead of being proud of such culture and make efforts to promote it, businessmen prefers to sell non-value based education in the name of ‘importing’ foreign techniques and creating excessive competition that is purely based on rote learning and not on concepts that would promote good understanding and benefit the society.

And all this is being done in the name of secularism…

Benefit to manufacturers: Parents have to shell out huge money to make their children stay up-to-date with the times. Spending thousands or even lakhs on tuitions have become a norm. Schools have become malls now – offering everything (extracurricular activities) except a good value-based education that teaches students to respect their culture, values, and elders.

5)      Feeling of belongingness is replaced by corruption

Corruption has become the new deity. It is the force that is running every public department of this country. It has become our veins and blood. The hunger to amass huge wealth forces people to adopt unjust means, create a high target-driven work culture, and ultimately play with our mental psyche.

Benefit to manufacturers: Businesses have mushroomed that teach how to become millionaires, how to be aggressive in your goals, and ultimately be selfish for your own good ignoring and disrespecting those who are below your income level.


The problem is vast but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Getting aware and spreading it is equivalent to half the battle won. Its high time that:

  • We get to know more about our great culture and values and start honoring it
  • Use yoga and home-based remedies to handle stress and fight entry-level diseases to start with (Yoga has become a billion dollar industry already in the West)
  • Start serving the society and people who are in need (in our free time and in whatever capacity we can) thus spreading love, compassion, and belongingness

I will put more light into the solutions in my forthcoming articles. In the meantime, do let me know your thoughts on this article because:

 “ Its Your Life, Its Only ONE Life,

Its TIME to ACT, Its TIME to take ACTION,

Because it is WANTED!!”

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