That is why urea and chemicals are mixed in sweets

Indian Sweets Action Wanted

Many places in India are facing a big shortage of milk. With more demand and less supply, adulteration is bound to happen. And during peak festival season, when the demand for sweets soar high, shopkeepers take this as their prestige to supply the required quantity of sweets to the needy consumers.

They add chemicals to make Khoya (a natural additive obtained from milk that lends thickness and solidity to sweets) which they then use to make mithais (Indian sweets).

And what is the result? So many people have died because of consuming urea-mixed sweets, and still many people are suffering.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, India is now the largest dairy producer and largest cattle producer in the world. If this is the case then where are our cows?


How holy are our cows?

Kamadhenu-Action wanted

A cow is considered as a sacred animal in India. It is treated as auspicious according to Indian scriptures and is referred with the expression ‘Gomata’ or mother cow. The ancient texts describe her as ‘Kamadhenu’ or a wish-fulfilling cow. A cow is also depicted as More

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