If Shah Rukh Khan can use Rajni, why can’t Public Banks?

Public Sector Bank Counter

The think-tank or the brainpower who are sitting in the management of public sector banks should learn a lesson from Shah Rukh Khan.

Yes, if Shah Rukh Khan can use the “Rajni” word (in his “Lungi dance” song) to promote his Chennai Express, why can’t public banks in India use young, talented, and capable employees to improve their pathetic customer service?

And this criticism is not a new thing for these banks. Despite this, I wonder why any constructive action has not yet been taken by the (exceptionally talented) management of these banks or even by the governors at the Reserve Bank of India? The image of these public sector banks really looks bleak.

Is it because of the bureaucracy or political red tapism? Whatever the reasons, people at large have fed up with these banks, their extensive paperwork, and their slow working culture. And on top of it, PSU banks’ staff frequently goes on strike for their wage revision and other demands.

In my recent visit to one of the branches of Syndicate Bank, even the bank’s staff ridiculed a potential customer and said, “Do you find only this bank to open your account? Go and get your account opened in some other bank. We are already short of staff and are working overtime. No person is willing to join our bank also.”

But I was (kind of) shocked to check the Net Profit figure of Syndicate Bank (see the table below). While the profit of other banks dipped tremendously, this bank showed an increased profit in its books. If the bank is making profit, then why can’t they invest in improving the effectiveness and potential of its manpower? Continuing with the existing level of customer service, I wonder if their profit figure will remain steady in the near future.

If you see the Net Profit figures of other PSU banks, one can conclude that (leaving other reasons aside for now) these banks are paying the prize of their bad, ineffective, and painful customer service.

S. No.

BANK NAME         Net Profit         (Q2 FY’13)  {July-Aug-Sept 2012}          Net Profit         (Q2 FY’14)  {July-Aug-Sept 2013}
     1 Syndicate Bank           463 crore           470 crore
     2 Indian Bank           496 crore           306 crore
     3 Punjab National Bank         1066 crore           505 crore
     4 Canara Bank           660.97 crore           625.94 crore
     5 Punjab & Sind Bank       11707 crore         4296 crore


And I am sure that we all have one or more painful stories related to the performance of such public banks. Do share those stories here.

Is there no way that the public can force these banks to improve their customer service? Do we have to eventually move our account(s) to Private Banks from these banks for want of good service? Is this what the Central Government also wants through its policy of encouraging more private players/banks?

NOTE: The Net Profit figures in the above table are taken from the respective banks’ Website.

Enjoy the Rajnikant cartoon video below:

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