Increased smoking amongst youths: Is BPO culture responsible?

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India boasts of having the largest youth population in the world and has made grand plans to harness this youth power in nation building. But, it is also the second largest consumer of tobacco products and third largest producer of tobacco in the world. Tobacco use is a major preventable cause of death and disease causing 1 in 10 deaths among adults worldwide. Approximately 5.5 million people die every year (globally), out of which close to 0.9 million deaths occur in India due to diseases related to tobacco use. Majority of the cardiovascular diseases, cancers and chronic lung diseases are directly attributable to tobacco consumption. Almost 40% of tuberculosis deaths in the country are associated with smoking.

Smoking tobacco products include bidis, manufactured and hand-rolled cigarettes, pipes, cigars, hookah, water pipes,Cigarette Burns You-Action Wanted and other locally produced smoking tobacco products, e.g. chuttas, dhumti and chillum, etc. Smokeless tobacco is used either by chewing, applying to the teeth and gums, or sniffing. Smokeless tobacco products used in India include chewing tobacco products, such as betel quid with tobacco, khaini, gutkha, paan masala, and other such products like mishri, mawa, gul, bajjar, gudakhu, snuff, etc.

As per the report of the first Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) – India 2010 released by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, around 60% of tobacco users consume tobacco within half an hour of waking up. Another startling fact revealed was that the percentage of females using tobacco has doubled in the last four years to approximately 20% with 25.8% of females starting tobacco use before the age of 15! In the name of relieving stress and be with the fashion, we are daily embracing our death. Are we aware of this?

We roam around with the tag of an educated person but no education in this world has promoted the use of such deathLungs of a Smoker-Action Wanted causing substances. Peer pressure comes as one of the major contributing factors for increased smoking. With a plethora of opportunities thrown in by BPOs or call centres, youths have started earning at quite a young age. But, in the absence of proper guidelines, they have also started consuming cigarettes to remove their stress, have fun, and be with their friends. Some people say that the nicotine present in cigarettes (and is also used as an insecticide) gives you a high and makes you feel relieved from stress. No doubt it is true as this high and stress-free state is achieved after your die prematurely from this smoking. It’s like committing a slow daily suicide.

There is a need for all of us to adopt a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach towards this public health hazard. Instead of adding smoking as one another factor to the already present stress-causing, environment-polluting, and death-inviting factors, we should all encourage others to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is also agreed that in today’s time nobody wants others to dictate their terms on his/her life and wants to live life on their own. The point to notice here is that we want to “live life”. Several ways, techniques or methods are available to increase will power and finally reduce and stop the harmful emission of gases from the mouth of smokers. Just pause for a while and think – Is smoking beneficial for me?

My questions to all readers of this article are:-

  • Do you think companies should take it as their responsibility to involve their employees in living a smoke-free life?
  • How can we protect the livelihood of tobacco growing farmers and move farmers and farm workers out of the tobacco industry?
  • What are the various available options for youths to keep themselves away from consuming tobacco in general and smoking in particular?

Pour all your thoughts on this platform because as I always say:-

“ Its Your Life, Its Only ONE Life,

Its TIME to ACT, Its TIME to take ACTION,

Because it is WANTED!!”

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