How holy are our cows?

Kamadhenu-Action wanted

A cow is considered as a sacred animal in India. It is treated as auspicious according to Indian scriptures and is referred with the expression ‘Gomata’ or mother cow. The ancient texts describe her as ‘Kamadhenu’ or a wish-fulfilling cow. A cow is also depicted as vehicle of several deities. Lord Krishna is often described as ‘bala-gopala’ or ‘a child who protects the cows.’ Another of Krishna’s holy names, Govinda, means ‘one who brings satisfaction to the cows.’ But, has there been a role shift in the way we treat cows presently? Let’s find out.

Cow Worship-Action WantedEvery part of cow’s body has a religious significance. Its four legs symbolize the four Vedas. Its horns symbolize the gods, its face the sun and the moon, its shoulders Agni (the god of fire), and its legs the Himalayas. According to a mythology, Brahma (the creator) affirmed it to be the mother of gods, ought to be worshipped and anybody who killed a cow or allows another to kill it, was deemed to rot in hell, for as many years as there are hair upon his body.

According to Dr. D. Bhandari, the former Director of Animal Husbandry in Rajasthan, “… cow’s milk sharpens intellect, gives swiftness of body, stability of emotions and a serene nature to the one who drinks it.” Her milk is cultured to become yoghurt, which is churned to produce butter. This butter is converted into ‘ghee’ or clarified butter that in India is used as cooking medium. In addition to this, there is ‘paneer’ or cottage cheese and buttermilk. Besides this, cow urine or ‘gau mutra’ is used to produce a whole range of Ayurvedic drugs, especially to treat skin diseases like eczema. It is also a well known disinfectant. Cow’s ‘gobar’ has been successfully used to produce bio-gas and generate electricity for consumer use. Modern day ecologists are saying that as compared to chemical fertilizers which damage the land in the long run, ‘gobar’ actually improves the health of the soil. The festival of ‘Gopashtami’, which is celebrated with great fanfare especially in rural India, is dedicated to the worship of the cow. No doubt on why Mahatma Gandhi called her “the mother to millions of Indian mankind.”

Holy Cow-Action WantedBut, these same cows are considered as problems, a cause of traffic obstruction or road dividers in cities across India. Uncared and unhealthy cows are a common sight on Indian roads. According to an estimate, Delhi’s 1.82 crore residents share the streets with an estimated 40,000 cows. The grazing cows can be seen spreading trash as they rip open garbage bags in search of food. The Delhi government even hired nearly 100 cowboys to catch and ship cows outside the city limits, sometimes to special reserves where the animals are cared for. Although we have the Delhi Agricultural Cattle Preservation Act 1994, no steps have been initiated for the preservation and protection of agricultural cattle as mandated by the Act and also recommended by the National Commission on Cattle in its voluminous and well researched report. We still do not have institutions for reception, maintenance and care of agricultural cattle.

My questions to all readers of this article are:-

  • Do the present generation really care about the way cows and cattle are being kept and treated in India?
  • Are we teaching the religious significance and benefits of cows to our kids?
  • Why no political party considers the issue of cow maintenance and preservation as one of the main points of its election agenda?

Pour all your thoughts on this platform because as I always say:-

“ Its Your Life, Its Only ONE Life,

Its TIME to ACT, Its TIME to take ACTION,

Because it is WANTED!!”

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  1. Abhishek
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 03:24:15

    That is surprising! 40,000 cows in Delhi alone. Imagine the total number of cows in all the metros of INDIA!


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